“Selfies” During Hajj


Hajj is one of the most  important Islamic rituals that only take place once a year. The Selfie trend transferred from the 2014 Oscar hall all the way to Mecca, during Al-Hajj rituals Muslims shared these important moments with the world on social media by posting their own Selfie pictures with the Kaaba- the most important symbolic Islamic building- behind them. However , the question is did this Selfie trend distract the Muslims from their prayers during Al-Hajj?

If you want to know more , click on the link to read the original article from the Middle East Business Magazine : http://middleeast-business.com/selfies-during-hajj/

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A Well-Rested Mind Is Ideal For Blogging

I like this idea and agree with it , because if you have so much to think about and to do with also the desire to blog , you will not maintain your blogs in the quality that you want. I hope I reach the level where i start being addicted to blogging. @renard moreau

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Can a Pink Tie Signify a ‘Rosier’ Economy?


With good economy , men feel more confident financially which reflects on their personal behaviors. They tend to wear unusual tie colors like pink , to show confidence and comfort.

click here to read the original article by Amal Daraghmeh Masri :http://middleeast-business.com/can-a-pink-tie-signify-a-rosier-economy/

From issue number 1


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what can skirt lengths and high heels say about the global economy?!

What can skirt  lengths and high heels tell us about the global economy?

No, this not a joke. High heels and low skirts can actually be indicators to our economic situation. Researchers have noticed that women often buy high heel shoes in high economic situations, and they put on low skirts also in good economic situations.

So, if the economic situation is good, women would want to put wear high heels and low skirts to show their confidence that’s related to their good financial situation. and this is a psychological indicator of economy.

click on this link to read the original article :http://middleeast-business.com/what-can-skirt-lengths-and-high-heels-tell-us-about-the-global-economy-2/

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How “mumpreneurs” survive working from home!

shutterstock_119881591 woman hijab business with baby at office

Mumpreneurs are both mothers and entrepreneurs.

There are two camps when it comes to working when you’ve had a child – either you can’t wait to get back to work, or you dread going back and dream of staying at home with your child.But what happens when “home” is also “workplace”? How do entrepreneurs trying to work in a house with a baby or toddler – referred to as “mumpreneurs” – manage their business, and how much does it affect their usual routine?

Mixing “work” and “children” isn’t easy. Children are wonderful – but can be unpredictable. They don’t always stick to their routine. What’s more, when small they demand your full attention. For most parents of small children, whether baby or toddler, quiet periods when your “bundle of joy” is tucked up in bed are highly prized.

By: Annmarie Robson

Press on the link to read more : http://middleeast-business.com/how-mumpreneurs-survive-working-from-home/

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About :Middle East Business Magazine

yara cover

Middle East Business is a magazine that I will start working in after i graduate from college, since its my family’s business I’m looking forward to develop it and add something to it ,and my first step is making this blog.
Middle East Business magazine provides information about business dynamics, economical and socio-economic issues,it analyses business trends and connects private sector players within the Middle East.

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