“Selfies” During Hajj


Hajj is one of the most  important Islamic rituals that only take place once a year. The Selfie trend transferred from the 2014 Oscar hall all the way to Mecca, during Al-Hajj rituals Muslims shared these important moments with the world on social media by posting their own Selfie pictures with the Kaaba- the most important symbolic Islamic building- behind them. However , the question is did this Selfie trend distract the Muslims from their prayers during Al-Hajj?

If you want to know more , click on the link to read the original article from the Middle East Business Magazine : http://middleeast-business.com/selfies-during-hajj/


About yaramasri

My name is Yara Masri , I'm a media student at Bard college. I love economics as much as media, thats why Im intrested in this particular magazine "Middle East Business Magazine", and most of my blogs will revive around it. I hope you like it :)
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One Response to “Selfies” During Hajj

  1. nadineswaity says:

    Yara it depends on the believes selfies are something huge right now, in hajj or in Hollywood it’s a photo that you take to remember to memorize this amazing moment!


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