what can skirt lengths and high heels say about the global economy?!

What can skirt  lengths and high heels tell us about the global economy?

No, this not a joke. High heels and low skirts can actually be indicators to our economic situation. Researchers have noticed that women often buy high heel shoes in high economic situations, and they put on low skirts also in good economic situations.

So, if the economic situation is good, women would want to put wear high heels and low skirts to show their confidence that’s related to their good financial situation. and this is a psychological indicator of economy.

click on this link to read the original article :http://middleeast-business.com/what-can-skirt-lengths-and-high-heels-tell-us-about-the-global-economy-2/


About yaramasri

My name is Yara Masri , I'm a media student at Bard college. I love economics as much as media, thats why Im intrested in this particular magazine "Middle East Business Magazine", and most of my blogs will revive around it. I hope you like it :)
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