Top 10 Middle Eastern Tourist Destinations


Unfortunately, when people think about the Middle East, the first think that comes to mind is oil. this is extremely discouraging because this area has so much more to offer. Dubai , Jordan , Lebanon , Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia , Turkey. all these countries have historical places and beautiful natural views.

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How To Become a Millionaire In Five Steps!

As fresh graduates, employees, managers , we all want to look for the easiest ways to earn as much money as we can. Here are five steps on how to become a millionaire and a successful entrepreneur by one of the top famous Turkish writers, Baybars Altuntas.

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How is Poetry Related to Modern Communication?

Middle East Business Cover facebook

Unconsciously, no one would actually link between poetry and  modern communication such as promotion. thousands of years ago , during the Islamic times poetry was one of the first ways for promoting products. this article talks about this odd link between modern  media promotion and poetry, it shows the first promotion for a product story in history in which the promotion tool was poetry.

PS : this is my first official article ever. 🙂

To read the original article on the magazine page click on this link:


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A Time Out for Music : Young Lebanese Man Attracts the Attention in The Prague Airport

Entering the joy to people’s hearts , a Lebanese man took the courage to play a musical piano piece . Spontaneously and randomly started playing on the piano that was in the waiting hall of the airport. while waiting for the flight ,he surprised the people by taking the chance to entertain himself and the people by playing this calm musical piece in many ways. I enjoy listening to it , I hope you enjoy too 🙂 .


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“UNVEILING” The Newest Version of Middle East Business Magazine


This is the cover of the newest issue of the Middle East Business Magazine , its two main topics are “the first promotion campaigns in history” and ” the remarkable story of women cooperatives”. The covers’ title is “UNVEILING” which is related to the picture of the cover and the first article in the magazine.

looking forward to post more about the new articles of this new fifth issue of the Middle East Business Magazine.

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The Ugly Beauty


This is one of the paintings that my sixteen year old sister “Loor Masri” painted and is definitely my favorite. I like this painting the most because it has the element of contradiction in which it shows beautiful background of matching spring colors with an old dried out tree on the top. This paintings’ mysterious interesting part is the way the ugliness of the old tree adorns the colorful background , and the beautiful background makes the tree look more horrifying and mysterious.

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Islamic and Oriental Arts: Introducing a World of Beautiful Doors.

door yara


walking in the streets of Morocco ,Granada- Spain , and even Istanbul you always find these beautifully crafted doors  everywhere you go.

This article published in the Middle East Business Magazine from issue #2  is about a fabulous world of art that occurred in the Islamic civilizations. An unusual door art that Muslims worked with long time ago , ancient practitioners of this craft used old traditional methods to create magnificent geometric patterns.

Due to the complexity of these patterns , many experts started wondering about the secret basis behind these perfect complicated geometric patterns. some scholars linked them with the mathematics that originated in the Arab cultures, and some connected them to the Arab Abjad system.

If you want to know more about the secrets of these mysterious doors , click here to read the original article :

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